We know it’s important for you to understand what personal information we collect in association with our family oriented products, why we collect it, and how you can manage that information.  Bwibbles and Fritz Games is a division of Oxford Consulting Group Ltd. and we are reachable using any of the methods listed on the Contact page above.

This Family Products Privacy Policy and the OCG Privacy Policy explain our privacy practices in regards to all of our products designed for families (and anyone under the age of 13), including but no limited to these products:

  • Bwibbles & Fritz Christmas Party (e-book)
  • Bwibbles & Fritz Midnight Snack (e-book)
  • Bwibbles & Fritz Water Park Day (e-book)
  • Kitty Krawlers

Information We Collect

Information you and your child create or provide to us.

OCG does not request or collect any personal information such as first and last name, email address, or birthdate.  If you contact us by email or social media for technical support we may request information about the device you are using, the version of our app, etc.  Your contact information may be retained for support purposes, but is not shared or sold to any third party.

Information we get from use of our apps.

Although our apps do not collect or submit any information to OCG electronically, we do receive sales, deployment, and operational data from the operator of the store which sold you the app (eg: Google Play store, Apple App Store).  For details of what information is gathered by the store please visit the privacy policy for the store.

Our family oriented apps also do not use data collection of the devices upon which they are installed.  For example, our family oriented apps do not take pictures, record audio, request GPS positioning, etc.

How We Use Information

In general, we use information your provide to us to maintain, and improve our products; to develop new products; to customize our products for your child; to measure performance and understand how our products are used; to communicate directly with you in relation to our services; and to help improve the safety and reliability of our products.  Your information is never sold to advertisers or any third party.

Access to Your  Personal Information

All of your personal information held by OCG is under your complete control.  If you would like OCG to remove all of your personal information from its computer systems please contact with details of your request.  Your account information will be permanently deleted within a reasonable period of time.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your account, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.  Our contact information for email, postal mail, and social media are available on the “Contact” page available from the menu above.