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Interim Leadership

The success of every company directly correlates with the caliber and capacity of its leadership. Organizations sometimes find themselves lacking a key executive due to turnover, business change, or market opportunity, and need to fill this void until the right permanent team member can be found. Alternatively, organizations might find themselves in need of a high caliber individual but only on a part-time basis. OCG assists organizations like yours by serving as interim leader at any level. From CEO/President/COO to CIO/CTO/CDO to Project Manager, OCG consultants offer the skills and experience necessary to support your organization during periods of change and transformation. As interim leaders, OCG consultants are also able to serve as effective change agents, free to affect your organization and culture without the encumbrances and constraints of permanent employment.

What to expect

Interim leaders add value by using their skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service, or mitigate risk, that provides a meaningful return on investment to you. Interim leaders focus on goals and objectives being performed and delivered, and not simply on being a place holder.

Interim leaders can be in place within days which is essential when time is critical. Being practiced in engaging promptly with the situation, they become effective rapidly upon joining a client organization. Because of their experience and expertise, interim leaders also conduct and complete assignments effectively and with due speed.

Interim leaders typically operate at a senior level in your organization, often being sensibly over-qualified for the roles they take on. They often bring skills and knowledge not otherwise in place, to address a specific skills gap or problem. Their experience and expertise enables them to be productive and make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximizing the likelihood of success.

Unencumbered by company politics or culture, interim leaders provide a fresh perspective and are able to concentrate on what’s best for the business. Being independent, they are able to contribute honestly without constituting a threat to the incumbent executive team. Without concerns about career longevity, they can provide advise which might otherwise adversely affect the incumbent.

Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, interim leaders are executives who take on responsibility for and manage a business or project in their own right. They expect to be held accountable for results by being instrumental in an assignment’s successful delivery. They give you the peace of mind that the interim leader has stewardship of the project in hand.

Operating at or near board-level gives interim managers the authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within your company. Unlike a “temp”, they’re not just there to “hold the fort”. They actively add value to the client organization as a result of their expertise and approach, even when the work and the decisions to be made are difficult.

Interim leaders maintain high professional standards because their future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record. They therefore have a stake in the success of the assignments that they undertake. This contrasts favorably with other “temporary workers” who may also be seeking permanent employment, or simply motivated by a day rate, or extending their tenure.

Performance Improvement

Organizations wanting to achieve year-over-year growth, surpass competitors, captivate customers, increase long-term shareholder value, or simply survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace look to performance improvement to realize their goals. Performance improvement encompasses strategy and planning, efficiency and effectiveness of execution, and the fundamental business changes necessary to sustain a new level of performance. OCG can help your organization develop corporate, division, and business unit strategies or plans that align business direction with goals. OCG can also help your organization execute these strategies and plans, focusing on the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and the sustainability of change to ensure gains are retained.

Types of engagements

OCG helps organizations develop corporate, division, and business unit strategies that align business direction with corporate objectives. Combining proven tools and techniques with an iterative and collaborate approach, OCG develops strategies which are actionable, measurable, and achievable.

OCG works with you to design an innovation culture and supporting processes, and then implements those processes and manages change. Leveraging experienced facilitators, industry experts, and product experts as required, OCG can help you embrace innovation and generate quick wins which build momentum.

OCG enables strategic decision-making and planning by linking strategy, value analytics, and key performance indicators (KPI’s) to decision-making. Using the strategic plan as a framework, OCG identifies value generators in your business and develops specific KPI’s to measure performance and guide management.

OCG helps you create scorecards which connect individual success to corporate success. These scorecards are tailored to the individual, and help focus the individual where they can and should make an impact. OCG can provide off-the-shelf software to ensure the tools and skills to operate the balanced scorecard process are in place.  OCG can also oversee the balanced scorecard process throughout the year, keeping your team’s performance aligned with corporate strategy.

OCG can streamline your business functions, organization structure, governance and performance metrics to align with the business strategy / plan. Optimizing your operating model means looking across functional boundaries to build on activities which add value to customers, while eliminating those that don’t.

Executive meetings are an essential tool in setting and managing the direction of the organization. Despite their recognized importance, many organizations suffer through suboptimal meetings due to dominant individuals, loss of focus on tactics and measures, or generally no real outcomes or actions.  OCG can assist you and your leadership team through executive meeting facilitation.

Information Technology

The role of Information Technology (IT) in any organization is to create business value through the application of technology. Success is predicated on the alignment of technology and business strategies, and the ability of the IT department to plan and execute the projects necessary to create business value. As IT has become a critical ingredient in business success, it must be managed and measured like every other aspect of the business. OCG can help your organization improve all aspects of its systems, processes, and people involved with IT service delivery. As well, we can help by providing turnkey solutions independently or in partnership with your internal IT department.

Types Of Engagements

OCG consultants work with your organizations’ executives and IT team to build an IT plan which is focused on business value. The IT plan is actionable, achievable, and measurable, and includes timelines, budgets, project outlines, organization structures, addresses culture issues, etc. OCG consultants engage all internal and external stakeholders and consider benchmarks, best practices, competitive analyses, and customer and staff needs. OCG uses a collaborative and iterative approach to building IT strategies/plans, ensuring buy-in and building momentum throughout the formative process.

OCG can work with your organization to decide if and how to rescue or unwind projects in distress, and expertly manage projects to successful conclusions. OCG consultants offer years of experience managing large projects, rescuing faltering projects, and negotiating vendor-project unwinds. OCG helps companies preserve value from work completed, and get back on track to realizing the business benefits originally sought.  OCG consultants can also serve in legal support and expert witness roles in the event of project related litigation.

OCG can work with your organization to introduce development and operations practices best suited to the nature of products being developed and maintained. OCG can introduce a range of development methodologies including extreme programming and scrum, and help development managers adapt the right methodologies to their needs. OCG can also help coordinate software developer activities with those of other information-technology (IT) professionals to improve software and infrastructure project outcomes.

OCG can lead your organization through all phases of software selection, from requirements definition through categorization, to selection, and even to negotiating the purchase / integration contract. OCG consultants bring best practices and insights from all aspects of selection, and lessons learned from numerous implementations of all sizes.

OCG can assist your organization by providing an independent and objective review of your IT Department. Leveraging knowledge from across a broad range of companies and industries, OCG is able to assess IT operations in the context of industry leaders and best practices. Recommendations are always specific and focus on high value issues, working within the human and financial constraints set by you.

OCG can work with your organization to design an enterprise architecture specific to your unique needs. OCG considers factors such as IT support for the business strategy, skills and capabilities of the staff, support for legacy software and hardware, integral security, privacy control, etc. The deliverable from this exercise is a set of design documents delineating the optimal enterprise architecture, along with a recommended migration plan to move towards that future state.

Your organization might recognize a business problem or opportunity and have software development skills in-house, but lack the breadth, depth of expertise, or capacity to successfully execute. OCG can assist by introducing deep technical expertise at critical points in the project, or adding capacity on demand. Leveraging a large network of associates and sub-contractors, OCG can cost effectively introduce the right people at the right time, without the need for long-term commitments to specialists who would otherwise be out of reach.

Initial Funding & Seed Capital

Our goal is to identify amazing startups run by visionary CEO’s, or amazing ideas from creative people, and help them achieve a level of commercial success which thrills investors and founders alike. OCG’s services range from turning a concept into a business (cofounding), growing a business to achieve large scale success while remaining cash flow positive (building), providing consulting / advisory services at every stage of growth (advising), and providing financial investment and unlocking new sources of capital to fuel growth (investing). OCG has partnered with 35 technology companies through various stages of growth, from an idea on a napkin through to IPO. OCG consultants often remain as board members and advisers over the long-term, to ensure continuity and stability through the sometimes turbulent ride that comes with explosive growth.

Types of partnerships

A lot of brilliant individuals are unable to turn their product ideas into businesses. OCG helps these individuals structure and finalize their ideas, and then design a business model which works for that specific good or service. OCG consultants can then serve as cofounders to provide business and operations expertise, complementing an individual with great ideas, or even leading the charge.

Once a business is founded, the owners need to develop the product, sell the product, and deliver the product, all while quickly achieving positive cash flow. OCG consultants create a business plan with specific and achievable targets, and then help the management team implement the steps necessary to achieve those targets. Through a series of iterative stretch and stabilization phases, OCG consultants can help build the business.

OCG brings to the table seasoned domain experts with significant experience in the fields in which they practice. OCG consultants each bring over 20 years of experience in their respective domains, complemented by demonstrated success in consulting / advisory services with some of North America’s largest management consulting powerhouses. OCG consultants are able to advise on any and all issues relating to turning an idea in a successful business, and achieving operational excellence.  Several OCG Partners have built and sold businesses of their own, and know first hand the path to success.

Early-stage capital can be critical to your venture’s success. At OCG the majority of our investments leverage our knowledge, resources and nation-wide networks to help promising early-stage companies become industry and global leaders. In addition to offering our own capital we offer a range of products and services to help you find additional funding sources.

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